Our Story…it all began with love.

Our founder Gus Obeid was raised in Palestine watching his Mother and Aunts spend hours preparing gorgeous plates of incredible food.

Platters bursting with freekeh, pomegranate, couscous and the freshest produce were regular sights at home. That generosity and spirit of hospitality created a desire in Gus to share his passion for food and bringing people together, the way his family had shared with him.

"In my culture food is everything - it's how we do business, celebrate and commiserate. Food is what defines us, sustains us, and unites us as One. It may sound cliché, but food really is Love! We employ it as a gift to create most memorable and joyful moments in people’s lives. And I'm very grateful that I've found a way to run a business that enables me to create and share that same joy with my customers and others”. 

From Garden to Table

Years on, and an experienced hospitality operator, Gus and his team manage a successful café, a delivered corporate catering brand and thriving event catering business. Using only the freshest ingredients, our seasonal menus reflect a taste of the moment here in Aotearoa.

Gus loves nothing more than seeing happy guests come back for something that made them smile, something he and his team created fresh that day.